Huawei e303 Unlock

Why Huawei E303 Modem is a Must-Have?

Huawei e303 data card is one of the modems online that was built on the latest UMTS/HSPA technology with the view to meet modern day global demands of internet needs by every individuals and households.

In a bid to doing this and to making this vision realistic, Huawei has rolled out huge range of newalgo driven usb devices in this industry market place, and Huawei e303 is among the top lists that virtually all our network operators across the globe find interesting to get their internet service settings installed and carried.

Huawei e303 usb modem has reportedly be known and described as unique internet connection hub creating device due to its high speed upload packet access of 5.7Mbps and high speed download packet access of 7.2Mbps.

Huawei has been the leader in the usb modem manufacturing industry as they have proven this fact by churning more and more wide range of usb datacard into the modem marketplace. Most network operators can’t do with out patronizing  Huawei technologies nowadays.

Free Huawei e303 Unlock Code Calculator and Generator Online

There is no current free huawei e303 unlocker software for getting this huawei modem model unlock code on the internet. You can keep searching and searching the whole internet, I can tell you that you would be or have been disappointed.

huawei e303 unlock code free
How About Using DC-Unlocker Credit to Buy Username and Password?

Dc-unlocker software tool a very popular data card unlocker, does not unlock huawei e303 modems and other  new huawei usb data cards for free except you will have to purchase their data card unlocking credit in the form of username and password.

Apart from paying excessively just to get the e303 unlock code, consequently, difficulties in getting e-currency exchangers that will exchange your country currency to the the payment processor accepted and available in your nation.

Most of the payment processor commonly used are new and unreliable.

How About Using Pay4me or Doit4me Service?

Again, what about paying some internet friends in the blogsphere or on social network sites, you could get scammed like me when I was trying to get this huawei new algo. unlocker script. The disadvantages of this method of generating the new algo. unlock code are endless

But we’re going to be helping you calculate yours for free for the time being. However, I can’t guarantee that this offer is going  to continue forever as we may start charging a fee to keep this service going and running.

If you want to download the original working version of huawei e303 new algo. unlock tool that we are using here to calculate all e303 model and series unlocking code, kindly email us at or

Important Datacard Unlocking Info About Your Huawei e303 Modem and Other New Huawei Devices You must Know Before Unlocking Can be Done!

  • Unlock Status:

Is it showing Unlocked or Locked?

It is going to be showing unlocked when you insert a Simcard similar to or provided by the modem network operator.

Whereas, the modem status is going to be showing locked if it has not been unlocked by the new algo. code generator if you insert a Simcard different from the one provided by the modem network provider.

For instance, If you’re using MTN Simcard on MTN F@stLink modem your modem status will be “UNLOCKED

If you’re then trying to use an ETISALAT Simcard on that same MTN F@stLink modem, it will not work and your modem will be showing “LOCKED” and prompting you to enter an unlock code.

  • Unlock Counter:

Have you exhausted your modem unlock remaining attempt(s)? you normally have 10 unlock counter attempt just like every other huawei modems’ models. If you have exceeded this 10 unlock counter maybe you later get the new algo. unlock code for your modem, you are going to format and upgrade your dashboard.

What to Do when “Unlock the Data Card” Prompt Shows Up

This is a small dialogue box that shows when another operator simcard is inserted into an hauwei e303 series

On top of the unlock code entering tab, you will see “Please enter unlock code” then underneath, you will see “Remaining attempt(s): 10” as seen in the image below

unlock counter remaining

This is where you are going to put the unlock code you got from us here either through helping to calculate the code or the e303 unlocker we sent you.

How to Request for Unblocking code free at

After your E303 modem setup has been completed, just as you have done, To browse with other simcard, you can  request for a working free huawei e303 unlocking code, kindly use the comment thread! We will try to generate the unlock code and poste it here within 24 – 48 hours depending on the volume huawei modems at hand for that day.

How to Get Your Huawei e303 Data Card Unlocked!

After requesting for the free unlock code here, we calculate and generate the code and send it over to you. The only thing that is expected from your side is to copy the new algo unlocking we sent you and enter into your modem.

Where Do We Send The Free New Algo Unlocker Software When We’re Done Coding It?
Queue up to request for the download of the free new algo unlocker software here

How Do I know If My Datacard Has Been Unlocked?
Getting to know if your hauwei new modem datacard has been unlocked is not a problem, just keep checking the comment responses below.

You may also want to subscribe for the comment notification so as to be alerted if any new comment is approved and that  of your datacard could be included.

Once again, thanks for being patient with our new algo free unlocking service online

You can Check Here if  you want instant fast unlocking

773 Responses to “Huawei e303 Unlock”

  1. ALEX says:

    how can i unlock my huawei modem E303

  2. SEUN says:

    kindly help with the unlock code for the modem with details below

    IMEI: 867648010368312

    S/N: U9CBYA9270917209

  3. bob says:

    Huawei E303s-1
    imei: 867648014442055

  4. mohd says:

    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI :867648014778284

  5. Charles says:

    Help me generate this my huawei e303s-2 stubborn modem unlock code so that i can use it to make my modem universal

    huawei e303 modem imei no: 861737008637519

    thanks and God bless

  6. rukshan says:

    please create unlock code for huawei e303 modem emei no is: 868988012593296

    Thank you in advance

  7. oupa says:

    303….imei 867648017358449. pliz unlock for me thanks

  8. joshua says:

    help me pls to unlock huawei e303
    imei no:861737001982946

  9. Best says:

    Jery pls. 861862009998163

  10. stephantic says:

    Please help.
    huawei e303 modem imei no: 868988011608913
    thank You.

  11. moses says:

    hi help me out my imei is : 868988017695708 thanx

  12. Mahesh says:

    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 863791010757821
    Please help me to get unlock code….
    Thank you in advance

  13. Finland says:

    my modem is Huawei E303s IMEI is 866452017885894

  14. obed says:

    kindly help with the unlock code for the modem e303 with details below
    IMEI: 868988011838429
    S/N: U9CBYA9282238664

  15. stephan says:

    kindly help with the unlock code for my modem
    Huawei E303.
    imei: 868988011608913

  16. seruken says:

    IMEI IMEI: 861737006617992
    MODEl_ Huawei E303s

    thank you very much

  17. Ahmed Rifshan says:

    Model : e303
    IMEI: 866452015609403

  18. akdebo says:

    Help me generate this my huawei e303 modem unlock code so that i can use it to make my modem universal
    imei no: 868988011139430

  19. Vimukthi Asahara says:

    i want to unlock my huawei e303s -1 modem. please give me new algo unlock code. my emei is 868988016693969

  20. nicko says:

    Huawei E303
    IMEI- 861737009232633
    how can I unlock my modem?

  21. Jefry says:

    help me unlock huawei modem e303s-2
    IMEI: 866452014316109

  22. Rukshan says:

    Modem is Huawei E303
    EMEI no is 868988012593296

    Thank you

  23. iykeelvis says:

    Huawei e303 modem pls

  24. Cindy says:

    IMEI:860874016908862 thank you!!

  25. Kojo says:

    Model: E303s-1
    IMEI: 868988011742209
    Please help me out with the unlock code.

  26. taiworth says:

    my imei is 867648010417416

  27. iykeelvis says:

    Huawei e303. Modem
    Imei- 868988011161848
    God bless u sir

  28. Haliday says:

    IMEI is 868988012034523

  29. henry says:

    pls jerry,send me the unlock code for my glo bolt huawei E303 ime No 867648012707952 s/n U9CBYA9280722732

  30. pakzbuy says:

    Good day Sir, do you have an unlock code for Huawei e359? This is the imei: 863664010090222
    Thank you in advance. I’m counting on you. :)

  31. randy says:

    help me how can i unlock my modem.
    model e303

  32. Mario says:

    Huawei E3231

    Huawei E303

    Huawei E303

  33. rebelng says:

    Huawei e303
    Imei is 868988012063274

  34. Ranil says:

    My model is e303 and IMEI: 868988010267356.

    Can you please help?

  35. baba adams says:

    e303s-1 imei; 861862007925317

    please jerry help me

  36. yum_89 says:

    please, i have difficulty unlocking my huawei e303…please help me

    IMEI: 866452014373647

  37. einstein says:

    please sir i need the unlock code for huawei e303
    IMEI 861862006114251

  38. ADAM BABA says:

    e3o3s-1 imei: 861862007925317 plz help jerry

  39. Koou says:

    Please help me unlock my Huawei e303s dongle. IMEI is 867648016696195. Thanks a lot in advance.

  40. Osewa Oluwaseun says:

    Pls help me with unlock code:

    E303: 867648010023115
    E303: 867648010023438

    Thank you

  41. einstein says:

    please sir i need the unlock code for huawei e303 with IMEI 861862006114251
    thanks in anticipation.

  42. nafanis says:

    Model : Huawei E303

    New algo please…..

  43. ona621 says:

    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 866452011858087

    Thank you in advance

  44. diw says:

    868988010940598 and 867648010337754. Thanks in anticipation of your help. They are locked to mtn.

  45. Mojeed says:

    kindly help to unlock my modem e303 with imei no: 868988011040604.


  46. style07 says:

    halo sir, please help me with the unlock code for huawei E303, IMEI 868988011099600, thank you.

  47. Segun says:

    Huawei E303 with IMEI861195002598882. I need the new algo code. Thanks

  48. Dasun says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you pls provide the unlock code for my huawei e303 which has the imei of 868988011287916
    thanks a lot

  49. rukshan says:

    My modem is huawei e303
    EMEI is 868988012593296 Please let me have the unlock code. version 1.0 unlocker did not help.
    thank you in advance

  50. evans says:

    hello jerry. i use e303s-1
    my imei is 861862007929756. hope to hear from you soon.

  51. wunu says:

    halo sir. Pls help me with the unlocking software. Thank u

  52. Ama Ade says:

    Pls help.
    My imei is 867648010244109.

  53. diana says:

    can you generate my new algo sir? Tnx

  54. themmie says:

    Sir d imei is 868988010790126. Pls sir I need the d new unlock code

  55. wunu says:

    my modem is Huawei E303 imei 868988011099600. Pls help me with the unlock code. Thank you

  56. baba adam says:

    pls help me to unlock my modem e303 imei: 861862007925317

  57. Mojeed says:

    kindly help with unlock code for my modem e303 with imei no: 868988011040604.

  58. nano says:

    only jerry bloggers go here

    write post with iam a jerry friend and post your IMEI.

  59. CHIDOZIE says:


  60. rebelng says:

    Huawei e303
    Imei is 868988012063274
    Thanks in advance

  61. guru says:

    my Modem is Huawei E303 and
    IMEI 868988012692452 could you pls help me with my unlock code

  62. JetFighter says:

    Imei is 861862007962773
    could u pls email me the unlock code..?

  63. jlk says:

    Model: e303
    IMEI: 868988018715992

  64. odudu says:

    imei no.868988012047160
    model E303
    serial U9CBYA92B2318734

  65. glory says:

    imei 861737003656589

  66. ranaweera says:


    E-303 unlock code plz

  67. zee says:

    Please do help with the unlock code,modem:huawei E303,IMEI:861862005886883…God bless

  68. chinedu says:

    Please help me unlock my huawei E303 the imei is 868988011131817 and SN U9CBYA92B1616190.please I need unloCk code.

  69. joe says:

    plz am joe i have this new huawei e303 modem with imei number me with tne unlock code.thanks.

  70. thushara says:

    Hi Jerry , please ,can you help me to find unlock code for my e303 dongle. IMEI no is 867648011486402

  71. Ped Prince says:

    Hey Jerry. You Have Been So Helpfull To Me Over The Years On The Internet. Pls help again Ooo with dis MTN Huawei E303 IMEI:861862009916256 S/N:U9CBYA9270709069 Thanks.

  72. Ped Prince says:

    Hey Jerry. You Have Been So Helpfull To Me Over The Years On The Internet. Pls help again Ooo with dis MTN Huawei E303 IMEI:861862009916256 S/N:U9CBYA9270709069 Thanks…

  73. Emmanuel says:

    IMEI: 867648010076667

    Please, help me with the unlock code

  74. gopinath says:

    hauwei modem e303s
    imei number is 867648016473918
    pls send me unlock code

  75. MAI says:

    Please help me generate the unlock codes for this huawei E303 modem.

    Imei no: 867648010032934

  76. dinesh says:

    Device name: E303 IMEI: 867648018046266 pls help me..??kindly help with the unlock code for my modem

  77. kaffy says:

    Mtn e303 huawei. Imei: 867648010462933. ThanksPls I will appriciate if you can send my code to my email @

  78. Heshan says:

    My Huawei E303 Imei is 868988013793077…..this will be a grate help for me sir.

  79. clinton says:

    my modem Huawie E303 IMEI NUMBER 868988012054711, pls help me with the unlocking code

  80. emmanuel says:

    Pls i need the unlock code for my huawei e303 modem . Imei number is 868988010968102

  81. Dee says:

    pls I need unlock code for Huawei E303 modem with IMEI number 868988011811921

  82. MDPM says:

    Please help me with this Huawei E303, I need unlock code, thanks in advance.
    imei: 867575002295122

  83. jeffrie says:

    help me unlock my modem E 303 EMEI- 866452012332587 tnx in advance..

  84. Danny says:

    pls help me with the unlock code for Huawei E303 imei867648010840567 and imei861862008888092. Thanks

  85. Tony says:

    Hello Jerry,

    Huawei E303
    EMEI:868 988 010 992 367

    Please help me access the unlock code.

    Secondly I have exhausted my 10 unlock attempts:

    1. Hope my failed attempts to unlock the MTN modem won’t block the modem and render it unusable. I’m reluctant to re subscribe to my usually MTN internet bundle since the failed unlock attempt, for fear of inaccessibility.

    2. How do I go about formatting and upgrading my dashboard?


  86. IMEI:866452015943588

  87. Iguodola says:

    My hauwei e303s-1 imei number is 867648010261665, please send me the free algo code for mine

  88. akinbobola says:

    pls help me to unlock my modem e303 imei: 868988010899364

  89. Please if requesting for free hauwei new algo unlock code here, do not post your IMEI number more than once, sorting all imeis from our desk is not too easy for us.

    Moreso, you must come here to say thank you if the new algo unlock code of your modem we generated and sent you has worked for you, so that we can keep track of all that is happening and to ensure there is no mix up with other huawei e303 user’ imei numbers.

    In a bid to ensuring that the readers and followers get their imei sent to them after their free new algo code has been generated by us, we have automatically added comment approve confirmation script that notifies you of the success of your huawei new algo unlock code, Please let us know if whether you’r getting or you have got such mail from us.

    happy internet surfing freedom


    • iyke says:

      tnk u sir…but pls my post has beeen awaiting moderation for weeks me pls…
      huawei e303….imei…868988011161848

      • Jerry says:

        Your modem has been unlocked, please dont post your modem imei number twice, it’s slowing down the unlocking processs at our end.


    • Daddy D. says:

      Hello Jerry,I posted my IMEI number a couple of days ago on this website, I have been patiently waiting to get an unlock code for my device but everytime I check the comment thread, My post is not t here anymore. Hope you can help me out with my concern.

  90. themmie says:

    Pls sir I need d new unlock code ASAP pls sir

  91. Patrick says:

    Please is it only hauwei e303 new algo unlocking this site support?

    Can’t you help us unlock other hauwei new algo modem such as huawei e359, e371 and many more?

  92. jonathan says:

    pls sir wht is the new algo code for my huawei e303 modem with
    imei 868988011161848

  93. madusanka says:

    pls help me to unlock my modem e303 imei: 868988011337489

  94. madusanka says:

    dear sir i want to unlock this moderm

  95. deepak says:

    My hauwei e303d imei number is 860369013599483, please send me the free algo code for mine

  96. Sam says:

    Please help me urgent. Imei 868988010938592 sn U9CBYA92B1637671

  97. prade says:

    vodafon k3772 imel:861320001356682

  98. zee says:

    so i left a comment wit my imei b4 but im nt seein it here no more…pls do help wit the unlock code to the huawei E303 glo modem wit IMEI:861862005886883 and s/n:U9CBYA9252609394

  99. Edikan says:

    please help me: IMEI 861862005940515

  100. Peter says:

    My hauwei e303s-1 imei number is 866452014374124,thank you very much

  101. Hassan says:

    Please I need you help to get the new algo unlock code for my Huawei E303 Hilink modem
    Here is the IMEI: 868988013037467
    Thank you so much

  102. kitz says:

    pls… can you help me unlock my huawei E303 with the new algo code??? i can’t find a calculator anywhere…

    model: HUAWEI E303s-2
    IMEI: 861737000305537

    thank u very much in advance ^_^

  103. Manash says:

    Hi, My E303 modem IMEI is: 867648016757385
    please provide the IMEI and also if you can tell me how to enter the unlock code because it is not asking for any unlock code please give me the unlock code
    Thank You..

  104. kaydot says:



  105. Emmanuel says:

    is this still on going? if it is I would really appreciate your help urgently for two modems, their imeis are ” 868988010922273 ” and ” 861862009981672 “. Thanks in advance.

  106. Kingsley says:

    Huwaei E303
    IMEI= 868988010844360


  107. Kitz says:

    Can you help me with my HUAWEI E303s-2???
    Can’t find any calculator for the new algo…
    Thank you so much!!!
    IMEI: 861737000305537

  108. Sam says:

    Help me with the unlock code please.

  109. KINGSLEY says:

    Hello Sir, Kindly Assist Me
    My modem is Huawei E303 imei 861862008862154. Pls help me with the unlock code. Thank you

  110. Richard says:

    Please help me provide Huawei E303 new algo code with Imei no:861862005861365. Thanks

  111. hopenfaith says:

    hello kindly help me unlock my e303s-2 modem. here’s my imei 861737000482377 thank you.

  112. Sankar says:

    My hauwei e303s imei number is 867648011668686 give me unlock code thanks

  113. PagSoft says:

    Huawei E303
    IMEI: 861050001210890

  114. Sanjeewa says:

    my modem Huawei E303
    EMEI: 868988012623317
    SN: U9C7SA92B2605125


  115. John Anthony says:

    my IMEI: 861737001937973

    please sir

    thank you advance

  116. cot says:

    please help, huawei e353s-1 imei 356791040975934

  117. Nour says:

    Model : E303s-1
    IMEI : 868988012942956
    S/N : U9CBYA92B2821787
    Thanks a lot.

  118. Kingsley Kwame Asamoah says:

    This is my imei 868988015847525. Pls send the unlocking code into my gmail accounts and pls i would be grateful if only u send me the unlocking code for my huawei glo e303 modem

  119. Mc says:

    hello, can you help me unlock my huawei e303,please.
    IMEI: 861737002070766
    S/N: E9P4CA1211838380

  120. upali says:

    Please help me to unlock my huawie dongle.
    EMEI :868988011384390

  121. voipkredisi says:

    huwai e303 imei – 868988010505508 old unlockers do not work. please send me code.

  122. Tony says:

    Hello Jerry,

    Huawei E303
    EMEI:868 988 010 992 367

    Please help me access the unlock code.

    Secondly I have exhausted my 10 unlock attempts:

    1. Hope my failed attempts to unlock the MTN modem won’t block the modem and render it unusable. I’m reluctant to re subscribe to my usually MTN internet bundle since the failed unlock attempt, for fear of inaccessibility.

    2. How do I go about formatting and upgrading my dashboard?


  123. Penny says:

    Please may I have the code for:
    IMEI: 8676480118011682
    Thank you.

    • Jerry says:

      Please Pennny check the e303s-1 imei you have provided is 17 digits
      it supposed to be 14 or 15 digits imei.

      Correct it and post the correct imei number!


  124. said says:

    Unlock code please


  125. fejiro says:

    pls help unlock my mtn e3o3 modem. the imei number is 867648010029435. Thank you

  126. Charith says:

    My modem is huawei e303 EMEI is 868988016583764

  127. ayokunle says:

    86764801010557567 e303 thanks

    • Jerry says:

      Dear Ayokunle,
      Please can you correct the huawei new algo datacard imei number?
      the one you have supplied is 17 digits dongle instead of 14 or 15 digits

      After checking, you can post the correct imei number again and we calculate
      and send you the new algo unlocking number

  128. Kingsley says:

    Please can i have the unlock code for my E303

    IMEI= 868988010844360


    • Jerry says:

      Please kingsly duplicate and multiple imei unlock code request is not allowed,
      hence your ip will be banned, please

      868988010844360 Unlock code = 55020201

  129. Olu obadare says:

    Please help me with the unlock code for my e303 IME: 868988012017130, thanks

  130. Ameen says:

    Model : Huawei E303s-1
    IMEI : 868988011245757
    Please help me to get unlock code….
    Thank you in advance

  131. Kapil says:

    My E303D IMEI No Is 860369011761614. Please Send me New algo code.

  132. Key B says:

    model e303s-1
    IMEI 861862003539963

  133. Davdee says:

    pls help me wit the unlocking code this modem huawei e303s-1
    imei= 861862007758445 ,
    imei= 861862008953482 .
    pls kindly notify me in my mail box. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  134. Andre says:

    Hi, please unlock)
    IMEI : 863621014652654
    Huawei e303f

  135. Kitty says:

    Plz jerry help unlock my data card
    imei: 868988016712637

  136. Robert says:

    Pls i need the code urgently. Here’s my IMEI:868988012117187

  137. Eranga says:

    huawei E303, IMEI 868988010273206

  138. swaroop says:

    IMEI 867648013470008
    SN U9CBYA9281820391

  139. aizcube says:

    IMEI 861020009218054
    AND E303 IMEI
    861020009197191 ?

  140. EmmaTech says:

    mine is glo E303 model wit IMEI NO:861862006068887. EMAIL IS pls u cn also teach me hw to do it cox its gud to teach us hw to fish dan givin us fish to eat.

  141. Kate says:

    Modem: E303s-2
    IMEI: 866452019529813

  142. dennis says:

    Please help me with the unlock code of huawei E303S-1 imei number 864567011656298

  143. uthpalaravindu says:

    my imei:867648014182461

  144. minu says:

    Can you unlock a Telstra T96 phone??

  145. kingsley eduafo says:

    huawei e303s-1 imei:867648010899415

  146. pasan says:

    please send me the unlock code for huawei e303s-1

    IMEI – 861862003865434

    Thank you. :)

  147. francis says:

    pls help me to unlock my modem e303s imei: 861862008974868

  148. Rukshan says:

    Modem is unlocked now. Thank you very much for your service!

  149. Mauricio says:

    my e303, imei:867575002295122 thank you!!

  150. Brythbb says:

    E303s imei=861862006267166

  151. andy says:

    my e303 imei nos. are 861862008885429 and 868988011825459
    thank u

  152. chivitech says:

    Please help me with the unlock code for Huawei E303

    IMEI: 861195002923643


  153. Ubi says:

    Please help me with unlocking my huawei e353s-2
    imei 865994011215975

  154. fff says:


  155. artem says:

    IMEI 868988017969681

  156. ekuoba says:

    867648010827267.kindly help me with the new algo

  157. Loadex says:

    Hi! My e303 IMEI 861737002291180.

  158. Ademola says:

    IMEI 861862006000120 E303

  159. Andriy says:

    IMEI: 867648010972295.

  160. Ishan says:

    Need Huawei e303 unlock code,imei is 868988012647126.thank you

  161. Richard says:

    Hi Jerry, you have responded to my request. please help me provide Huawei E303 new algo code with Imei no:861862005861365. Thanks

  162. Daddy D. says:

    I’m sorry sirs, this would be my third time posting my IMEI number. 2 of my earlier posts keeps on disappearing from the thread. I really need your help to get the new algorithm unlock code for this one..

    Model: E303s-2
    IMEI: 866452011037732

    Thank you in advance, and more power to!

  163. jaido says:

    pls help with huawei e173u-2 imei: 867749014545507

  164. suresh says:

    kindly help with the unlock code for the modem with details below
    Huawei E303s-1
    imei: 868988014814393

  165. swaroop says:

    Can you pls send me the unlock code for the same.
    Model E303S
    IMEI 867648013912082

  166. Sam says:

    Bro why did you ignore mine? Please help your boy please. Imei 868988010938592. The s,n U9CBYA92B1637671

  167. Mauricio says:

    Why never answer my posts??? my e303, imei:867575002295122

  168. zeezoo says:

    Pls help with my huawei modem E303,Imei:868988011966089

  169. nuwan peiris says:

    e303 867648018008803 new hash new nck pls…thank you!!

  170. ugdaaaa says:

    find 4 me the unlock code for
    Huawei e303 mtn
    imei: 866452010327639

  171. chike says:

    Pls help me unlock my Huawei E303 modem. IMEI 861195002619977

    thank u

  172. wilber says:

    I need help to unlock my modem Huawei E303, IMEI is 869070014301967

  173. kaysho says:

    plz help me to unlock imei is 867648010309993.thanks.

  174. Steven says:

    please sir
    thank you

  175. diana says:

    pls give me the unlock new algo sir for my e357s-2,tnx sir


  176. bangel says:

    pls help me with my huawei modem E303s-1


    THANKS 4 UR asist…

  177. theekshana says:

    pls give me unlock code for my e303, thanks.
    imei 868988014491069

  178. promise says:

    868988010932249 mtn fastlink

  179. daniel says:

    IMEI 868988011664999 please give me the unlock code

  180. osmanovich says:

    this is my imei number 867648010894341

  181. steven says:

    help with my huawei e303

  182. simmer says:

    Hi, my modem is permanently locked. If there is any tool to unlock it, would you email me a link?

    Software version:
    Hardware version: CH2E303SM
    Web UI version:
    Device name: E303
    IMEI: 861737004365016
    IMSI : 602022130546261
    Serial number: E9PBYA9250858581

  183. ajit says:

    give me E303s-1 new unlock code imei-

    Found modem : E303D
    Model : _Unknown Huawei modem_
    IMEI : 860369012036826
    Serial NR. : V9Z7SA1291802398
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Jun 11 2012 16:25:15
    Dashboard version : UTPS21.
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6290
    Voice feature : not supported in current firmware
    SIM Lock status : Locked (CardLock)
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

    sorry, this modem not supported !

  184. Ali says:

    good work Man it seems you are the only one who has all the answers to the unlock code problem this is my e303 imei 868988011769319, you can reply with the unlock or flash code thank you.

  185. darshal says:

    Sir. please help me unlock this IMEI: 862153011979592
    thank you so much Sir.

  186. Nisar says:


    please provide me

  187. EXPONENT says:

    pls help me with the unlock code for my E303S-1….IMEI:868988010844725..THANKS AND GOD HELP YOU AS YOU ARE HELPING OTHERS

  188. raj says:

    my huawei model is E303s

    imei no : 867648016662395

  189. kobiss says:


  190. Awal says:

    please am using huawei e303 with IMEI : 864567010523119

  191. gyasi-ansah says:

    Emei no. 861862007762926
    Pls give the unlocking code.

  192. aizcube says:

    Please i want new algo codes for these E303


  193. jhon says:

    Please unlock my Huawei
    Model: E303s-2
    IMEI: 861737006338441

  194. icey says:

    pls kindly unlock dis for me 868988011033906

  195. ji_wat says:

    Please help me unlock my E303F IMEI : 863621014093586
    Thank you.

  196. Olumayowa Elijah says:

    Please help me with the unlock code of this huawei e303s-1 with imei code: 867648010425145

  197. exponent says:

    plz give me unlock code for imei::868988010844725

  198. Kingsley says:

    Please can you give me the unlock code for my modem e303
    I have posted twice already but no reply and i have seen post that have been answered days after my own post, maybe my post did nt go thru and it has never been approved.. please once again the imei is



    • Jerry says:

      868988010844360 Unlock code = 55020201

      • Kingsley says:

        Thank you for this… it’s unlocked now.. And i am very sorry for posting it more than once… It’s just that the comment was not approved yet and i saw other comments approved after mine…. So so sorry… but hey…. it works

        • Jerry says:

          Thanks Kingsly for your feedback!

          That is exactly what we expect from others who are getting the free unlock code to at least be kind enough to come back and tell us if the unlock code we’ve calculated worked?

          • Tosin says:

            Jerry my case is like Kingsley’s. My post is still awaiting moderation since first week of this month.
            my imei is 861195002919161. thanks

          • Jerry says:

            Model No. : e303
            IMEI : 861195002919161
            NEW ALGO CODE : 10020375
            OLD ALGO CODE : 36147325
            FLASH CODE : 60933110

  199. mubharrakk says:

    MEI 867648014000556

  200. dakins says:

    i need help with IMEI 855452015980770

  201. shun says:

    pls help
    IMEI 868988014833138

  202. ezenwo says:

    e303 mtn fastlink

  203. pierre says:

    Can you help me get the unlock code for my E303 here is the IMEI 860874016668094

  204. Abhi says:

    Hi, Please help me by providing the unlock code for my data card. My Huawei E303s IMIE no is: 867648013483720

    Thanks In Advance!!!

  205. Sam says:

    Please give me the unlock code for 868988011256598

  206. chux says:

    Pls sir help me with the unlock code for huawei modem e303 with imei: 861862005924023. Thanx

  207. Jason says:

    hi, can you help me unlock my huawei E303…please…. here’s my IMEI-851737004534009. it has reached its limit already for the unlocking code. hope you could help me. thanks.


  208. ADEFUWA says:

    PLSSSS, GIVE ME A REPLY 2 MY REQUEST SIR,,,,,E303S-1,,,,,IMEI:868988010844725

  209. mike says:

    Sir please help me unlock my huawei e303 modem with imei 868988012112287 ..thnk u very much

  210. Toby says:

    If you could spare some of your precious time and look up my code :)
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 866452010302855

    Thanks for your help in advance

  211. Sokol says:

    Hi Jerry, plz. send unlock code for my e303 IMEI 865994012058168

  212. minz says:

    sir plz send me unlock code for huawei e303s

  213. NANA says:

    pls sir can i get the unlock code for 868988011729842

  214. chamikara says:

    please sir , if u can get me the unlock code,this is E303- imei:-868988010346036

  215. jake says:

    please give me the unlock code for hwuawei modem e303s-2 imei: 861737009281705 thanks in advance dude!

  216. roze says:

    plz sir give me unlock code for Huawei E303e imei no. is 867648011690490

  217. ankamah says:


  218. lawal says:

    kindly help to unlock my my huawei e303 Modem for me the IMEI is 868988011945976
    ill really appreciate it

  219. Babatunde says:

    huawei imei


    pls sir i need the new algo code

  220. Sean says:


  221. ambie says:

    Pls Mr Jerry i sent my IMEI b4 and i haven’t gotten a response since, i have sent it again 2day pls help me out, ⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̈̊п̥kƨ̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣

  222. Isaackem says:

    Hi jerry, kindly he’ll me with the new algo unlock code for huawei E303 imei: 867648014603888

  223. Akeesh says:

    Hello sir !..Please sir I need the unlock code for this IMEI number:861862003875912..

  224. prade says:

    VODAFONE K3772
    IMEI 861320001336841

  225. Roshan says:

    Hi Jerry, you have responded to my request.
    please help me provide Huawei E303 new algo code with Imei no:868988016542125.

  226. ~Chint~ says:

    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 867648014163081
    Need some help with this one.

  227. irosha says:

    my huawei e303 imei=867648014152209

  228. Nazir says:

    Model vodafone dongle k3772 IMEI:861020001615688 PLZ GV ME NEW UNLOCK CODE

  229. old fruit says:

    Pls unlock E303 IMEI:860530010222664

  230. ishantha says:

    my imei no is. 867648014172686 pls send me a unlock code

  231. Ruthvik says:

    My is HUAWEI MODEM E303S.


  232. Christian says:

    Hey sir. can you help me..

    this is my imei 861737000220736
    huawei e3o3 sir.. pls help me. im begging you

  233. justice says:

    861020004461311 k3772 unlock code please. and how do i reset the unlock counter for e303

    • Jerry says:

      You can use the new algo rehash reset code
      Model: e303
      IMEI: 861020004461311

      NEW ALGO HASH RESET: dd5c3215880c44e37eb519a9f5592315

      OLD ALGO HASH RESET 2302772ff3ef6006ba0dc129df0a774b

      FLASH CODE: 63215306

  234. dave says:

    i need the FLASH CODE and also the unlock code of E303(glo bolt) plz. IMEI-867648012380083. PLZ REPLY.

  235. Sam says:

    I don’t understand Sir. Calculated and sent where? I didn’t see it

  236. Duncan says:

    pliz unlock this modem for me


  237. charles whyte says:

    IMEI 868988011995674

  238. Stanley Martin says:

    Pls sir, I need unlock code for e303 Modem. 867648010520516

  239. packs says:


  240. Othmane says:


  241. oluwafemi says:

    huawei 303, imei: 868988010794961
    pls, will be greatful

  242. Gz says:

    Hello Jerry! Thank you very much for your site, it has been a great help.

    Could please help me with a code?

    Modem: E303s-65
    IMEI: 860874018845690
    S/N: K3XBYA9292102168

    Thanks in advance.

  243. Pradip says:

    hi help me out my imei is :
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 860369010401469
    Serial NR. : V9Z7SA92A1913021

  244. Cefeboru says:

    Jerry can u helpe me to get my unlock code, mi dongle imei is: 869070012311042

  245. Christian says:

    sir am a very big fan of yours and in fact all my friends are benefiting from this blog through Facebook. God will reward you for this painstaking service .
    I have sent a mail requesting for your tool…anxiously waiting for reply.

    • Jerry says:

      Thanks for coming back to say a thank you here!

      Email me here jerryobamwonyi @ I have
      load of messages! I am a busy SEO and IM, just trying
      to create out time to help that’s the reason for the
      slight delays in providing the free unlocking codes

  246. kproxex says:

    Jerry help me

    Model: Huawei E303
    IMEI : 867648011514252

  247. Tele says:

    Model: E303
    IMEI: 865994011586789


    Model: E3131A
    IMEI: 865456010368403

    new algo code needed for both
    thank you so much.

  248. Quaku says:

    imei: 868988011566731

  249. richard says:

    E303=868988010949045 Thanks jerry can you help me with this imei

  250. NANA KAY says:


  251. moske says:

    pls help me unlock
    imei: 868988011700132
    model: E303s-1

  252. Desir Lowens says:

    Hi Jerry, you have responded to my request. please help me provide Huawei E303 new algo code with Imei : 857575002677071, thanks before

  253. Kepi says:

    Huawei E303
    imei: 866452016648178
    unlock code ????

  254. Olumayowa Elijah says:

    Mr. Jerry, this will be my third time i am sending you mail. Please help me to unlock my modem, i need the unlock code for this hawei e303s-1 with imei: 867648010425145

    Thanks please, help me send it this time.

  255. daffetz says:

    please help me with the unlock code 303u 867648012385082. please i’ve sent this scode before and no reply i’ve been recieving emails for reply’s to others coment how come my own has not yet been approved

  256. Stephen says:

    Hi, Stephen from Ghana, Can I be favoured with a working unlocking code for my new Huawei E3O3 modem? The IMEI is: 861862007973010

  257. namra says:

    sorry to post again but can i have 866452014610907 unlocked? Huawei e303 – locked to telenor serbia. thanks!

  258. appanpks says:

    sir, My Huawei E303S Model Dongle IMEI: 867648016505909.Pls Send Code Sir.

  259. rishu says:

    hi sir plz give me the unlock code for e303d
    imei 860369011132980
    thank you sir

  260. MIKE says:

    @jerry pls i need the Unlock code for my Model : Huawei E303 IMEI: 861195002672794

  261. MIKE says:

    @jerry..pls get back to me asap, the other modem info is Model : Huawei E3231 HiLink IMEI: 864761011324227

  262. John says:

    Please I need the code for my Huawei E303 MTN F@stlink Modem with IMEI Number 868988011138978

  263. najeeb says:

    plz send me unlock code for my huawei E303 dongel
    IMEI no:-868988016598457

    thanks in Advance

  264. Mauricio says:

    Hi Jerry, please help me with this e303 new algo, thanks. imei: 867360011935590

  265. najeeb says:

    thnks Jerry

  266. themmie says:

    Modem successfully unlocked. Fankz so much . May God continue to bless u sir

  267. themmie says:

    Imei-868988010781091 fankz in advance sir

  268. MIKE says:

    @ Mr Jerry…Thanks a are highly mouthed..May God Butter your Bread..Respect to you Boss!!!

  269. MIKE says:

    @ Mr Jerry..Please once again, I appreciate your effort for helping me out with the Second Modem IM i posted on here…Pls the First i posted is E303 and the IMEI is IMEI: 861195002672794 …I really need to get it unlock, Pls generate the code for me..I don’t have any other modem again.

  270. San says:

    Jerry, I cant see my earlier post.

  271. ADEFUWA says:


  272. mayo says:

    i posted earlier you did not response to it
    pls jery pls help me unlocked my modem E303 IMEI:861862009946386

  273. saliya says:

    thsi is my second request . please help me to unlock my E303 dongle. with the NEW algo code.

    IMEI = 868988014494659

    hope you will kindly help me too

  274. Sirtee says:

    Dear Jerry I admire your work can you please help me with the new algo unlock code for the following modems with imei




    Thanks in advancs

  275. pls i need unlock code and flash code for e303

  276. samueldee says:

    pls help me wit the code :E303S
    IMEI: 868988011573968

  277. asdan says:

    Huawei E303 IMEI:867648010064192. Tanx in advance and God bless

    • Jerry says:

      Be warned Asdan, sammy, samuel or whatever! we hate spam here
      IMEI : 867648010064192
      NEW ALGO CODE : 86734733
      OLD ALGO CODE : 48851337
      FLASH CODE : 61500934

  278. theekshana says:

    Thank you very much……..!
    It really worked.
    Thank you again,

  279. Joel says:

    Hi Jerry
    I posted earlier, but my comment is still under moderation…
    Please give me the unlock code. Many thanks
    IMEI 868988016684901

  280. mike says:

    @Mr Jerry..Pls respond to my Request, I need the unlock code for the Hawaii E303..I’m waiting to hear from you.

  281. mike says:

    Pls I need the unlock code..E303 and the IMEI:

  282. Ikechukwu okocha says:

    Goodday Sir please i need the Unlock Code for E303 moderm IMEI 867648010055711.
    Thanks and God Bless

  283. Duncan says:

    unlock code for e303



  284. Sam says:

    Please help unlock
    MTN Huawei
    IMEI: 867648010372355

  285. Shehan says:

    Sir my moderm is e303s-1 , i got this details
    IMEI : 867648014153140
    NEW ALGO CODE: 82344853
    OLD ALGO CODE: 48018066
    FLASH CODE: 54501358 , then what to do ? how can i unlcok ? how to enter unlock code,,mobile partner not requesting for the code

    • Jerry says:

      Just insert another simcard into the modem and you will be prompted
      for an unlocking code! just enter the new algo unlock code.

      I do hope this is not Glo bolt Ng?

  286. Robert says:

    Pls i need the code urgently. Here’s my IMEI:868988012117187

  287. michael says:

    these is my third request,i can`t even find my post on these page. a kind assistance will make a difference.
    modem model- E303s-1
    modem IMEI- 868988010864326

  288. Emmanuel says:

    Plsss help me unlock my 2 huawei E303 modems i need dia unlock and flash codes….tanx in advance….
    Modem(Glo)= 867648012727119
    Modem(MTN)= 867648010421673


  289. Zoki says:

    Hi Jerry, I see you’ve responded to someone that requested your help after me, so I assume my request didn’t show up and you can’t see it.

    Therefore I’m repeating the same (although I understand you don’t like that, sorry) with the kind request for your help to unlock:

    modem Huawei E303 s-1
    IMEI: 867648014039802
    s/n: U9C7SA1270706921

    and, if possible:

    modem Huawei E3131 s-2
    IMEI: 866539016622656
    s/n: G8J7SA12A1700965

    Thank you a million,

  290. maru says:

    pls help me wit the code
    Huawei E303S

  291. John says:

    Dear Jerry.
    Please this is a different John.
    I really need your help as a matter of urgency.
    Can you please help with the new algorithm code for huawei K3770
    Imei: 860030016695583.
    I appreciate your work.

  292. Michaelm says:

    Kindly respond to my request sir, I’ll be grateful if u can do that as early as possible.
    Model: E303
    IMEI: 867648012299564

  293. Frank says:

    Mr. Jerry please help me decode mine as well
    IMEI. 868988011829600
    Please help me

  294. Teddy- Keith says:

    Hi Jerry,
    Please ,can you help me to find unlock code for my e303u-1 dongle. IMEI no is 861195001778279

  295. Alexander says:

    The IMEI of my huawei e303 is 869070014344553 please, i need the code for unlock, thank you, have a nice day…. Please its the second time that I write.. please… sir :)

  296. Mohammed says:

    Please can you help me unlock my Huawei MTN E303 Modem.
    IMEI No. 861862008861248

  297. danny says:


    total 4 units.thanks

  298. Duncan says:

    pliz i posting this emei for the second time pliz give me new algo code pliz


  299. Igor says:

    Please help me, my modem is E303
    IMEI: 860874010523741. – See more at:

  300. Faith says:

    Jerry, I couldn’t found my post on here..pls what wrong? I haven’t gotten the unlock code yet.

  301. dan says:

    Hey bro can u send me da unlock code of this huwaei dongle IME-357133032120691
    no clue abt the modle

  302. Emmanuel says:

    Plss help me out IMEI:867648012727119

    and IMEI: 867648010421673…..plss…av posted before with no one replying me..plss in need the new unlock and flash code JERRY TANX

  303. Frank says:

    Please Sir, I posted mine twice b@ u did not answer me…. Please help me to also unlock mine… Its e303
    IMEI. 868988011829600

    Please do well to reply this one Boss

  304. Narmada says:

    I still did not get the unlock code..
    pls if u can help mehh immediately b4 september 1 //!!

    IMEI —-> 868988016677780
    Port —-> com8


    • Jerry says:

      IMEI : 868988016677780
      NEW ALGO CODE : 47631665
      OLD ALGO CODE : 38183238
      FLASH CODE : 53904493

      • Narmada says:

        My device sucessfuly unlocked..
        you R doing gr8 job!! Jerry.. ^_^
        Thank u so much for the help you gave me this week. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.!!
        i would like to say ppl ur shit in here by spams.. stop it!! :/
        I pray God to continue to give you the power, might and heart to help people and that you get good rewards in return.!! ^_^

  305. Faith says:

    Pls mine is GLO E303s-1
    IMEI: 867648012533798
    S/N: U9CBYA9280711238

    Thanks very much in advance.
    I’ll love it if u can send via email

    • Jerry says:

      IMEI : 867648012533798
      NEW ALGO CODE : 58051697
      OLD ALGO CODE : 65097464
      FLASH CODE : 65550365

      Faith sorry we don’t send new algo unlock code via email online! And every other person must also note this
      always check the comment thread here or the free
      unlocking code request online
      to see if an unlocking reply has been given to your imei unlock request

      Thank you

  306. sarjerao says:

    i want to unlock huawei e303ds-1 modem or e303d modem ?
    imei no-860369010464251
    s/n= v9z7sa92a1919300

  307. Jerry says:

    You’re spamming Coreas as you are the same person as Alexander!
    With slightly different IPs, please note that you are not helping the
    whole unlocking process!

  308. Mike says:

    @Jerry, tell me if you can’t assist me in unlocking the Modem which i told you…You keep ignoring my post and i keep checking all reply..why?

  309. Steve says:

    Hello Jerry,
    I requested for the unlock code to my E303 modem, I don’t even see my post here, should I redo it?

  310. OLUWASEUN says:

    please i need the thing very urgently can your team help i hv sent it more than a week now and no response ime 868988011961296 E303s-1

  311. Beke says:

    Jerry tanks alot asin am realy greatful.pls how do i go abt donating for bulk imes.tanks again

  312. CIL says:

    Hi Jerry , I am buying this Huawei e303 to use it with Smscaster Enterpise E303. However when I tried to detect the port in smscaster, it’s undetectable. Could you advise me , is there anything to do with unlock the Hua Wei e303 ? If so could you provide me the key to unlock
    IMEI: 865994014044364
    many thanks

  313. Andy says:

    Hello Jerry Pls I sent U a request to help me unlock my Huawei E303 on August 17 but I did not get any reply for you!!! Pls help Me thanks IMEI 868988011011605 thanks Looking forward to getting ur reply ! Thanks Again

  314. rukshan says:

    Please be kind enough to help me unlocking my Huawei 367u-2 modem. its IMEI no is 353613045527218
    S/R no is P8K5TA1150300311
    You helped me to unlock my Huawei 303 modem successfully.
    Please help this time too.
    Thank you!

  315. Segun says:

    Huawei Imei: 868988011094817. Thanks in advance

  316. style07 says:

    hallo sir, this is my IMEI for Huawei e303. 867648010306270

  317. style07 says:


  318. Mike says:

    Mr Jerry..Please i need your Assistant for my Unlock code..The Hawaii E3O3..i’m ready to donate for the progress of the this your Good Job..May God help you!!

  319. NifraZ says:

    Hello admin..
    Mine is HUAWEI E303s-1.
    IMEI: 868988011249643
    And I need both old & new algo unlock codes..
    Thanks in advance..

  320. Tosin says:

    Thanks Jerry.

  321. gamage says:

    hellow Sir how can earn bulk new algo solution

  322. man-Banda says:

    plz i need help,am left with 2 attempts,i need unlock code of the followin type of modem

    MODEL: E303 IMEI: 864567012621929

  323. Taylor2nd says:

    Hey Jerry could you assist with an unlock code for the Huawei E303

    imei: 867575002743923
    s/n: S4C7SA1271402822

    Will donate, your a lifesaver.

  324. john says:

    IMEI : 861195000225017
    NEW ALGO CODE : 63252372
    OLD ALGO CODE : 36918536

    is it correct ??? cause it isn’t working for me

  325. Codal says:

    GLO E303S-1 IMEI: 861862006141015

  326. Steve says:

    IMEI: 868988019021929
    I once posted this IMEI but did not get a reply. Kindly help me.

  327. junu says:

    Huwei E303D 860369013058274
    unlockcode 61264306
    Huwei E303D 860369010248621
    unlockcode 62350029

    Both code no working.. plz help..

  328. Nosakhare says:

    please help me with the unlock code for,

    Device name :E153

    Application port :COM10

    Serial number :KMA4CA1162527893

    IMEI : 869604000221407

    Hardware version :CD1E153M

    please I would really appreciate if you can help me thanks

  329. Larsen says:

    Jerry pliz help…I have 2 huawei E3131 modems.With IMEI:866539011877750
    IMEI:866539011533874.thank you in advance

  330. nura says:

    pls i can unluck customize glo bolt broadband 3g modem Huawei E303 for glo my ime: 86764812296115..
    jerry nice work….

  331. Rahul Borele says:

    Hi Jerry,


  332. EngineerOse says:

    I am willing to support if you can help…

  333. azrael says:

    hi can you give me the unlock code for my modem:

    Found modem : E173z-2
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 861737001423263
    Serial NR. : E9P4CA1211138598
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Oct 27 2011 16:38:30
    Hardware ver. : CH2E303SM
    Dashboard version : UTPS21.
    Chipset : HiSilicon
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked


  334. carl martin says:

    Hello everyone I found this site today for my E303 modem, this site really works I unlocked my modem today.

    Good luck!

  335. Danny says:

    please help me out. I need new algo for huawei e303
    IMEI 861862007962641

  336. Kingsley Kwame Asamoah says:

    Pls Jerry i have posted my imei several but u seem not to be responding back to me.
    I need unlocking for mtn e303s-1 this is my imei 861862008893845 and also i need unlocking code for vodafone k3770 this is my imei 860030014121673.

  337. Rahul Borele says:

    E303 86036912114185
    plz give me new, old and flash code for unlock

  338. Thomas says:

    E303, IMEI 866452015681659. Thank you!


  339. dara says:

    Please help me out with unlocking code for huawei E303
    IMEI: 868988011102065
    Thanks for reading my post hope to read back from you all soon

  340. marshal says:

    please help me sir,iam 10 out of 10 times used now locked,because i used calculator but didnt worked,please mail me procedure or please say me the way nck hash,nck code,please help me out

  341. kk says:



    ZTE (vodafone)

  342. Lettiss says:

    Model: E303Cs-6
    FCC ID: QISE303CS-6
    IMEI: 861146011853834
    S/N: Z6DBYA9232131237

    Please, help me. Not even my Mobile Operator have the code. They say my IMEI is invalid

  343. emil says:


    I have a big problem but maybe you could help. I have Huawei e303s and lately i both this 3G Wi-Fi router. I am in England and internet provider it’s network THREE – i have contact them for APN and dial number. Before i buy this router i checked if is compatibly with my dongle. But still can’t get internet with router.Any ideas. Help please.

  344. ranaweera says:


  345. Andy says:

    Hello Jerry I want to Use this Medium to thank You. For unlocking My Modern .. I had already forget that I applied for u to help unlock my modern, as I was browsing thru my bookmark file this morning 05/12/2013 I saw ur website and was surprised that u have already replied me since September. I just put in d code and behold it worked …
    Pls I want to say thank You again and again …….

  346. joe says:

    plz i have vodafone mobile broadband, model:k4201, me unlock it

  347. joe says:

    plz i have vodafone mobile broadband, model:k4201, imei:867637000318197.plz help me unlock it.

  348. bernard segbenu says:

    please i need hash reset codes for my e303 IMEI 861862007856066

  349. bernard segbenu says:

    please i need hash reset code for my e303 IMEI 861862007856066

  350. Segun says:

    Imei: 861195002884704. Huawei 303. Thanks

  351. collinz says:

    pls help me to unlock my modem
    huawei E303s-1
    imei: 868988015815746
    s/n: U9CBYA92C2115514
    please send me the unlock code

  352. Jean Renaud says:

    Software version:
    Hardware version: CH2E303SM
    Web UI version:
    Device name: E303
    IMEI: 867575002669185
    IMSI : 338050914533633
    Serial number: S4C7SA1261902077

  353. Kenn says:

    please i need unlock code for my huawei broadband E303

    EMEI is 861862008922073

  354. Paul says:

    Найден модем : E303
    Модель : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 866452014919761
    Серийный № : E9PBYA92B0701195
    Версия прошивки :

  355. Beekay says:

    Huawei E303s-1
    IMEI: 867648017962158

  356. Ayesha says:

    Please be kind enough to send me the unlock code for huawei e303s-1
    my IMEI = 868988016598788

  357. azumah richard says:

    Huawei e303s-1

  358. tinku says:

    Please unlock my Huawei E353 HSPA
    IMEI: 867989014469932

  359. cipher says:

    can i get unlock code for e303s-1
    and also the new/old algo code
    my imei no: 867648017367788

  360. saaras says:

    Sorry…could tou help me to unlock my huaweie e303
    Imei: 865994016491373.
    Thank you

  361. aditya says:

    help me out to unlock my idea netsetter e303d my imei no. is 860369011054366 how to use that code plz help me

  362. edilberth225 says:

    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 869070010376393

    and thanks in advance.

  363. Kingsley Klein Kwame Asamoah says:

    I need unlocking code this type 3g connect modem.
    IMEI: 868165008847073
    S/N: W3Z7NA1211105590

  364. benny says:

    huawei e303 867575004699065

  365. KALLOL says:

    Please give unlock code
    model e303s
    IMEI 867648012045140

  366. hirantha says:

    please i need unlock code for my huawei broadband E303
    EMEI is 868988013907925

  367. Babafemi says:

    model: e303s-1
    IMEI: 868988011013486
    s/n: U9CBYA92B1604357


  368. Hazel says:

    Please help me unlock my MyFi…

    Locked to Three UK

    IMEI: 865143011467380
    Model: E5756s-2

  369. Prabu Kanna says:

    Hi i have Idea Netsetter E303D.. i want to change it as multi-sim dongle.. currently it supports only idea.. hw do i unlock it.. can u suggest idea..

    IMEI : 860369010765970
    Model: E303Ds-1

  370. bibin says:

    i would like to get the unlock code for my e303d huawei modem imei 860369011268438

  371. rohitha says:

    imei : 868988019386975
    i want new algo

  372. Benjamin says:

    Please help me decode modem E303s.
    IMEI 861862008908890

  373. enosonm says:

    please give me a unlock code

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E303S
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :867648011627039

  374. sam says:

    please give me the new algo for

    huawei e303

    imei 868988013801094

  375. Azuka says:


  376. kim Caceres says:

    please help me :(
    ime = 861737002250715
    model E303

  377. Ouwuraqu says:

    IMEI 861862007895726

  378. Noelia says:

    unlock for me Huawei e303

    IMEI: 864567012318286

  379. KINGS says:

    Please Mr Jerry kindly help me to unlock my Huawei E303 modem
    S/N: X7SBYA9332630728

  380. style07 says:

    hallo Jerry…I really need assistance with my Huawei e303 IMEI 867648012246425. Thank you

  381. Mitek says:

    IMEI: 868988010626395

    please help with unlock

  382. boukrim says:

    pLz unlock code for Model: Huawei E303 HiLink – IMEI : 868988012811367

  383. clever says:

    MODEL E303s -1

  384. jimmy jones says:

    imei 866452010354088
    model e303

  385. liyuebo says:

    pls and pls help me to unlock my huawei
    IMEI : 864567011594747

  386. smart says:

    Help me to un-lock
    Model: E303u-1
    IMei: 861195006749994

  387. Krishanth says:

    model : E303s-1
    IMEI :868988016621671
    Unlock code please

  388. melad says:

    help !!! i have my unlock code but cant enter it the dialog for unlock code is can i enter it and this is all data about the modem.
    Interface :
    Found modem : E303
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 861737004498817
    Serial NR. : E9PBYA9250913509
    Firmware :
    Hardware ver. : CH2E303SM
    Web UI version :
    SIM Lock status : unlocked
    Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

  389. Jerry Storres Justice says:

    IMEI: 868988013322091
    MODEL: E303

  390. fahad says:

    imei: 861050001448805

  391. divakar says:

    sir please sendme the unlocking procedure for my new huawei E303D and imei=860369014255648

  392. Van says:

    Sir i need the NEW ALGO “thing” xD
    thnks in advance!!!

  393. Adam says:

    model : E303s
    IMEI :868988011756506
    S/N :U9CBYA92B2230472
    plss help me out with the unlock code
    May God Bless U for your good works

  394. Jerry says:

    Please consider supporting us Adam if you need bulk unlocking!

  395. Patrick says:

    pls and pls help me to unlock my huawei
    IMEI : 868988018679453
    Model: e303s-1

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