Free Huawei New Algo Nck Code Generator

What is nck code?
It is simply an abbreviation for unlocking code for huawei usb broadband modems. That is the unlocking digits usually 8 in number  that is inputted into your huawei datacards before the modem number of network operators limit and restriction can be removed and turned into universal.

Types of Nck Code
1. New algo code
2. Old algo code

You can learn more about modem old and new algo here

All latest version and model of huawei usb datacards especially the E-seris (the ones that start with e) and the ones whose IMEI number start with 86************* etc. now require a new imei unlock code called new algo.

New Algo Imei Unlock code Generator
To get the new imei or nck code for all your new huawei modems, kindly request it here

imei code

After requesting for the imei and nck new algo unlocking code, kindly insert another simcard, when prompted for unlock code, enter the 8 digits your generated from above free  unlocking portal.

click nck code generator for your huawei modems.

If you have any problems, kindly use the comment thread.

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