Huawei E173 Unlock Code, Latest Firmware, Driver and Mobile Partner Dashboard Update Download

If you are using one of the numerous huawei new datacards that require new algo for unlocking such huawei E173 3G broadband and lots more, you are going to find this post useful and helpful

huawei e173 datacard

How to Unlock and generate Huawei 173 Unlocking Code

There are two (2) ways to get your huawei e173 modem unlocked

First by updating your huawei e173 firmware, driver and dashboard update and using universal mastercode calculator unlocker

Second; which is by way the easiest is just to request for the new hauwei dongle code unlocker here

First method to unlocking huawei e173
Download and run huawei e173 driver from here
Download and run huawei e173 firmware latest update here
Download huawei e173 mobile partner software from here

You’re going to use the universal mastercode calculator or huawei unlocking code generator tool to get the your imei unlocked.

Thereafter, you’re going to need to run the firmware update after plugging the huawei usb datacard into your pc via the port slot.

Then run and install the huawei mobile partner dashboard update you have downloaded.

Then to browse with your usb drive modem, kindly create an internet access point.

You can learn how to create datacard card internet profile and access point here.

As for the second method, kindly request for the hauwei new datacard unlock code here

Lets me know if this help

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